A few Web Development things to set the tone

Things have been a little hectic around here as you can imagine, and they still are as a matter of fact. I just thought I should post a few things to set the tone of the site and give everyone a feel for what to expect. Yes it is going to be a personal blog, yes it is going to be a dive log and yes it is hopefully going to be a travel log, but also and I think this is important to point out, it is going to be a web development blog, at least it is for as long as I continue to see the point of adding to the plethora of useful stuff being published in webland.

I suppose the blog will dictate its own future. I will try to let it mature a little on its own without forcing it in any particular direction, see the kind of readership it gets if any and then work to its strenghs.

Having said all that it will also be a bit of a experiment where I will try out ‘new stuff’ and tinker under the hood so to speak, voice some opinions though not too loudly about what is going on in the industry and act as a resource for other developers and designers who are coming up through the ranks. Well without further a do here are a few useful things I have come across recently

I have no time to write anything to origional myself but its probably equally useful to point you to some quality content in the meantime. A very Merry Christmas to you all

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