Our Yucatan Experience – Mexico

Would I recommend it?…an unquestionable yes. I liked to credit Zoe here for the summary of the holiday she wrote. I have plagiarised it for now, but hope to rewrite it in the next day or two. Don’t forget to come back for the holiday from My perspective.

I have a deadline to meet – MaƱana Dave!

We arrived into Cancun airport where we picked up our hire car and drove off towards Tulum, except that we actually headed towards Cancun centre as the hurricane had removed most of the road signs. It is pretty difficult to drive on the opposite side of the road, harder to do it without signage, and even harder to do it in the dark but I coped well; even when we flew over our first huge speed bump – oops, where did that come from!

Our first night was spent next to the Caribbean sea, in a rustic palapa roofed cabana. We were tired from our journey and fell asleep at what we thought was 8.00pm except it was only 7.00pm as the idiot steward on the plane had given us the wrong local time and we weren’t alert enough to realise he was wrong.

The next day we left Tulum, knowing that we would be returning the following week, and headed inland towards Valladolid along the most hideous pot-holed road. In Valladolid we took a Superior room in El Meson del Marque’s and ate delicious food for dinner. It was the best food we had all holiday but as it was our first food we didn’t realise at the time just how special it was.

From Valladolid we travelled to Merida via Chichen Itza. Merida was wonderful, in my opinion. But by the time we left I felt very comfortable there and wished that I had the opportunity to see more and have a kitchen available to me so that we could buy the wonderful foods from the market and cook amazing meals We wandered the streets, visited art galleries and museums, and took a bus tour of the city at night.

From Merida we travelled to Playa del Carmen on the toll road via Cancun, where we once again headed towards the centre of Cancun rather than down the coast! Initially I didn’t think too much of Playa del Carmen, it was too touristy for my liking but an essential stop for me to do some diving (more of which later) It had it’s good points as well as bad points; it was an excellent place for people watching and had a good selection of places to eat. When Ias unable to dive due to a tropical storm Zoe and i went snorkeling in a lagoon and in a cenote.

Finally, we returned to Tulum and chilled out at the Diamante K. We went on a trip to the Sian Ka’an Biosphere, got eaten alive by mosquitos, woke up to find a dead rat on the floor of our cabana, ate delicious food and had a generally pleasant time.

Highlights: Food, Diving in Cozumel, Biosphere Reserve, Cenote Diving, Architecture, Diverse Culture, Chilled atmosphere, in no particular order.

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