Still some tweaks and beta testing to do

Well, at long last after months of toil, late nights not to mention the spaced out feeling you get in your head after sitting by the computer for hours at a time writing and looking at code, something resembling a blog is beginning to form. hooray!

I will get some time tonight I hope to iron out a few more issues and hopefully as planned we should be live on Christmas day. I am thinking of adding some backdated content pertaining to all the latest goings on in the world of web development, but we’ll see. that seems a bit contrived.

Still having problems with IE6, no surprises there then. There is also a little bug in Safari that I haven’t quite sorted.

Just need to create a useful homepage, to seperate the men from the mice, the geeks from the boffins, the family from the friends and the regulars from the blow ins and we should be good to go. So until then and with Gracie whimpering away behind me as she enjoys a wee dream during her afternoon nap. I bid you all adieu.

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