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Web 2.0 No excuses for the title

Part of the reason I posted this was to try and get some traffic. I make no apologies for this, heck I need to get this thing moving or I am destined to spend the year talking to myself! Never really though much of personality tests, but I must applaud the superb UI of personaldna […]


Yes this site is kept uptodate

Despite how it looks this site is a going concern and shortly, will start to act like it!. Still a few teething problems, which are being looked into. Having a few issues with measuremap not registering posts. Still being tormented by spammers in the comments, but am currently writing some code to address this, should […]


Updated Web Developer Extension for Firefox

A ‘version 1’ release of every developers tried and trusted friend, Chris has really excelled himself with this upgrade. GET IT NOW, hit that ‘more extensions’ button. Improvements Better and more intuative organisation of features. Reimplementation of online and offline validation tools. Improvements to and more variety of outline capabilities. Miscellenous Goodies, including small screen […]


Measure Map problems

I’ve been experimenting with integrating Measuremap (which is excellent) into a custom built CMS which uses ASP(cringe). It has successfully recorded 3 out of 5 or now 6 posts but the other 2 fail to show up for some reason. All other reporting seems to be fine. From what I can deduce the code is […]


Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all except you “spaming b****rds” in Latvia go pester someone else! To the rest of you, may all your endeavours be fruitful and the coming year bring you good health and happiness. Some nice photos of the Pup as promised and a few outings over the holiday season at my […]