Updated Web Developer Extension for Firefox

A ‘version 1’ release of every developers tried and trusted friend, Chris has really excelled himself with this upgrade. GET IT NOW, hit that ‘more extensions’ button.


  • Better and more intuative organisation of features.
  • Reimplementation of online and offline validation tools.
  • Improvements to and more variety of outline capabilities.
  • Miscellenous Goodies, including small screen rendering, linerize layout
  • Greater scope when displaying information, even more at your fingertips
  • Realtime editing of HTML and CSS
  • More complete manipulation of images
  • All the old favourites, mostly improved and optimised


  • Final Checks, Images, Accessibility, Validation.
  • Measuring and checking layouts.
  • Debugging CSS layouts.
  • Simulating test environments.
  • Gathering information and researching during web browsing.

Just a quick note to say, perhaps ,dreamweaver does a better job of these sitewide checks at development stage, but on a page by page basis perhaps after you have moved to staging server this takes the biscuit.

A must for all web designers and developers. I couldn’t recommend it enough

Did Chris leave anything out?

Well aside from a “create lovely website button using web standard techniques and wake me up when you are finished” button! I think he has it pretty much covered. Perhaps a generate lorum ipsum would have been useful, but with the likes of display line guides and display ruler he really has surpassed himself. Creating Web Standard sites is such a breeze with this extension in your arsenal.

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