Web 2.0 No excuses for the title

Part of the reason I posted this was to try and get some traffic. I make no apologies for this, heck I need to get this thing moving or I am destined to spend the year talking to myself!

Never really though much of personality tests, but I must applaud the superb UI of personaldna by attap who have put together some lovely web apps. I approve of their philosophy and outlook for the web. (They can all rest easier now!)

I think a short list of web 2.0 apps is in order, with or without a critique, depending on if anyone wishes to contribute. Before I start, for all the geeks out there, yes I will be mentioning all the usual stuff, but for some of you this may be new and exciting and worth a visit. Have a look anyway, see for yourself and be your own judge.

The ones I use regularly at home

  • Flickr – no list would be complete without it, for all your photography sharing needs
  • Gmail – the new hotmail
  • Delicious – online bookmarking, tagging app
  • Measuremap – fabulous tracking stats for blogs
  • rollyo – custom build search engines
  • netvibes – loving this combines loads of the others

The ones I use regularly at work

The ones I have used but not returned to

  • web2.0validator – a bit of fun
  • writely – an alternative to 37signals writeboards
  • odeo – all things media
  • backpackit – little brother to basecamp, good for lists and organising
  • shutterbook – alternative to flickr
  • digg – social news aggregator
  • rememberthemilk – another tada type list maker. Nelly take note!
  • Rojo – online RSS reader and sharing app

The ones I will be using regularly when the necessity arises

The ones I have yet to try

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