Yes this site is kept uptodate

Despite how it looks this site is a going concern and shortly, will start to act like it!. Still a few teething problems, which are being looked into. Having a few issues with measuremap not registering posts. Still being tormented by spammers in the comments, but am currently writing some code to address this, should be in place very soon. Still making minor tweaks to design, and of course there are a few places that could really do with some content. Anyway I am aware of all this and it is all being addressed. While you are more than welcome , in fact I encourage it, to subscribe to my RSS Feed, I’ve kinda cheated in that it isn’t being updated yet. Still deciding on format to go for and how strict to be..any advice appreciated. Feedburner looks good but as I am using bespoke CMS I reckon it may be tricky to get it to validate.Then of course there is lack of participation..um not sure about this one, ah well stick at it, with time and if I ever have anything to say that is worth contributing to no doubt it will happen, heck I’ve had over 200 visitors! surely one of them will leave their calling card. Has anyone any good advice for a start up site?

For now a few interesting things I’ve come across

  • mochikit– another javascript library
  • riya– the new flickr with smart face recognition
  • lightbox JS – I’m defintely making use of this! um I see a photo section taking shape or maybe sandbox for now

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