Come on Ireland, come on Dave keep the site updated

Well as promised a regularly updated site. Oh I have been so remiss but to be honest after the toil of coding the blog and testing it and fixing bugs and dealing with spammers, I’ve kinda lost the inclination to write. When I didn’t have the vehicle I was always feeling inspired to get online and , well blog. Now that I have it I never seem to have the time.

As a web developer, on a daily basis I am coming across interesting new techniques, well designed websites and great resources. I try to add them in my links or mention them in a post, but hell everyone is doing this. I want to find a new direction for my blog for a while. Besides, despite what my measuremap and stats tell me, no one is joining in. I suppose that is a message, and one I need to deal with. So lets see where things go this month.

In the spring no doubt the whole site will be dedicated to scuba diving stuff but until then the plan is to add a portfolio, a few decent experiments in the sandbox and to keep adding useful links and write some useful articles about stuff I experience in work. I should also write some boring personal stuff and stop trying to set it up as yet another web developers blog…Oh decisions decisions. Maybe a JD will help?

Oh and by the way there is an impending trip to the Mournes next weekend for some hiking and relaxation, so watch this space. While I remember for tomorrow…Come On Ireland..send those italian pansies back to their mothers crying.

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