Mexican Weekend

I was lying on the sofa on Friday, beside me as usual the dogs lying there as they were with smelly breath and farting without a care in the world. I thought to myself, they fit right in here. The rest of the weekend was spent dog walking on the beach, by the river and at the ECOS centre, watching rugby (a fine victory recorded today by Ireland over Wales (31-5)) and cooking and eating wonderful Mexican food and partaking of one or two Mexican beers.

We really did enjoy our mexican holiday (whoa an intersite link, way to go Dave) and are often found trying to relive some memories of our short time there. Another trip is in the planning but only on the proviso that we can both speak enough Spanish to get by. By that I mean more than saying hello and thank-you, I mean being able to converse at a basic level without resorting to my most used phrase on the trip “Hablas usted Ingles” which as we all know has nothing to do with the greasy, medallion wearing singer, and simply means, “Do you speak English” and in my mind translates as ” Hi I don’t respect you or your country and am just another tourist who can’t be bothered to try and learn a little of your language so we can converse in a friendly manner in your native tongue” ( of course to be pedantic I could argue that I would need to learn native south American Indian languages, but most of them speak Spanish too)

Anyone else out there enjoying themed nights or weekends, in terms of food, drink and activities? Do share. Now is the perfect opportunity to leave a comment.

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