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Whale Sighting

Not something that happens often so I wanted to record the event. I saw the plume of water and a breach from a distance of around 500-700m away, so unable to determine the species, probably minke though, which are known to pass through the waters off Malin Head, Donegal. By the time we would have […]


New XPC Shuttle, whats the verdict?

Its been about 1 month now since I had all my new hardware together(after a 3 week wait for the monitors), ample time to get it up and running, configured to my working preferences, and to form an opinion on the whole set up. The whole thing is set up wirelessly, connected to iBook, Server, […]


What’s been happening recently and what am I going to write about soon?

New PC and Home Office I now after a few weeks waiting on the monitors have a new and long over due Home office setup, complete with new PC. So all you geeks check back for, details, photos and opinions on it all. Made a bow Drill For all you aspiring Ray Mears’s I have […]