New XPC Shuttle, whats the verdict?

photo of my new computer rigIts been about 1 month now since I had all my new hardware together(after a 3 week wait for the monitors), ample time to get it up and running, configured to my working preferences, and to form an opinion on the whole set up. The whole thing is set up wirelessly, connected to iBook, Server, iPAQ and Canon Pixma 4000R. I have always been more interested in function than aesthetic but I have to admit the whole thing does look good and is very economical in terms of space. So first of all what is the new PC set up, well heres a quick summary of the spec:

  • XPC Shuttle ST20G5
  • AMD Dual Core 4200+
  • 2GB RAM
  • 300GB SATA 7200 HDD
  • Shuttle 22-1Card Reader
  • Shuttle DVD RW Dual Layer
  • 2 X Samsung Syncmaster 770p Monitors
  • Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Countless periperhals
  • ( D-link Bluetooth and USB Wireless)

For all round performance I can’t fault it. it has handled everything I have done, with no complaining, freeze ups, not so much as a splutter. I have done no proper hardware and/or speed tests, but as a web developer I need a machine powerful enough to allow multi-tasking, lots of software open at the same time, in essence a reliable tool to assist me carry out my job. It has passed that test. The whole workspace is extremely good, the wireless keyboard and mouse are fantastic, wires really can get in the way of everything and knock things over etc. I’m loving the monitors but have yet to really see their full potential. I think I may experiment with the auto rotate function to browse websites in portrait aspect (to get more on the page above the fold)

The Software

  • Adobe Studio CS2
  • Macromedia studio 8
  • Filezilla
  • Firefox
  • Thunderbird
  • Nero 7
  • Open Offfice 2.0 (yes MS office XP is also installed)
  • AVAST anti virus home edition
  • Kerio Firewall Home Edition
  • Spybot Search and destroy
  • iTunes
  • Object dock (to emulate the ibook! dock)
  • WinRAR
  • uTorrent
  • Textpad

I think that’s all bases covered. This is a list of software refined over many years. All aspects of computer usage is covered. The majority of the software is open source with the exception of a few industry leaders I need for work.

The glitches

  1. Fast user switching causes melt down and memory dump! aghh
  2. Sub woofer on on-board sound doesn’t seem to work properly, cold be speaker is worn out, but it worked OK on old system!
  3. Hibernating the system resulted in losing the connection to wireless keyboard and mouse. After much frustration the only way to resolve the problem was take the batteries out of them , wait half an hour and reinitialise them. Oh and I don’t put the system to sleep any more!

Still to be tested

  1. Dual layer dvd recording
  2. Video Encoding , while dual layer disc recording, while performing batch operations in photoshop, while debugging code in dreamweaver, while blogging, googling ,socially sharing and anything else I can fit into my multitasking test.


Having read back the post it all seems a bit too geeky for my liking. It is really here in case anyone stumbles upon a link in a search engine if looking for help with anything related to their own setups, It does appear to come across a bit like…look what I have, nah nah nah nah nah! trust me it wasn’t meant to. All in all I am very happy with the new hardware. It was a long time coming but worth the wait. Any updates concerning any of the setup will be posted here as and when. Now I can push for more “working from home”. I hope I have health to enjoy it.

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