What’s been happening recently and what am I going to write about soon?

New PC and Home Office

I now after a few weeks waiting on the monitors have a new and long over due Home office setup, complete with new PC. So all you geeks check back for, details, photos and opinions on it all.

Made a bow Drill

For all you aspiring Ray Mears’s I have recently completed making a bow drill. For those of you who don’t know what I am talking about, it’s a device for making fire using friction. It has been road tested but has yet to produce an ember. Anyway it too will get a post of its own. Incidently the reason or one of the reasons for my lack of writing (what do you mean continued lack of writing?) ( who said I hardly wrote anyway?) was a wee injury I picked up, playing with sharp knifes! I managed to lacerate my finger while whittling the bow of the bow drill, requiring some minor plastic surgey. I ‘ll cover it all in a post, maybe with some photos, but nothing too gory, don’t worry.

Other things that have happened that I won’t be writing about further

  • Water mains cut by men laying gas pipes outside!
  • Water mains repaired by said men on second attempt
  • Visit form Z’s Dad and L, great weekend of craic had by all
  • Visit to the coast – we love the coast
  • Tried to set up aTechnorati Profile and claim this blog

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