Minimo 0.15 Mobile device browsing catching up

I was thrilled today to discover that after many months of patiently waiting I can at last have a reasonable browsing experience on my PDA (iPAQ). While I have not looked at versions 0.11 through to 0.14, the release of version 0.15 sees some fantastic improvements to earlier versions. As the version number indicates it is still very much in its infancy, but, and this will be no surprise to the initiated amongst you, it blows IE for Windows Mobile 2003 out of the water.

We now have, and I’ll be brief, vastly improved CSS support including @import and media type. We have support for AJAX!, RSS and tabbed browsing with close icons, all the main stays of the modern browsing experience. Oh and did I mention automatic updates, CAB installer or exe via active sync. We have nice bookmarks management, Good useability features like text size switching, find on page feature,variuos layouts, single column, desktop layout and panning. So now I may actually try a little harder to do truely cross device versions of my websites, heck at this rate in a few more months it may be worth it. I will certainly be more inclined to use the iPAQ to casually surf the internet.

You can download the windows installer or the mobile cab installer here.It just goes to show how far the project has come that it has its own page on Mozilla, I used to have to trawl server directories to find the nightly builds. You knwo I think this time next year it will be standard on all mobile devices…

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