Holiday in Dingle July 2006

This years holiday can be broken into 5 simple categories, diving, walking, eating, meeting Gracies relations and whittling, so if any of those interest you read on, if not see if you can spot the cryptic message contained in the post.

Diving at Skellig Michael and the Blaskets

Well there where 2 main highlights from the diving this year. Firstly managing to get some footage of the elusive sunfish video of sunfish. Unfortunately he got spooked and took off to the depths before I could get up along side him. Secondly after 3 years trying I eventually managed to get a dive at the Skelligs I was not disappointed. I won’t write in detail about it here. There is a short entry about the dive over at northantrimdiving and of course some photos on flickr.

Sponsored walks and other walks

Tuesday 11th we did our 10+ mile walk with Gracie and Macy, from the beach at Smerwick to Seanachoill via Ballydavid taking in some lovely scenery en route particularly along the cliff paths. The weather was a mixture of gusting winds, rain and sunshine sort of ideal, but we were all exhausted by the time we got back. No matter we managed to help S on her way to raising the funds she needed for her stay at an AIDS orphange in Nairobi

We didn’t make it up Mount Brandon this year, but we did take in some more views around Slea head and did a mini hike in this area, neither did we make it out to the Blaskets but instead managed a selection of beach walks.

Gracie’s folks

On the sponsered walk we met G’s grandmother on her mothers side, check my flickr for photos,while on another day spent half an hour with her dad and brother over at the Welsh contingents. Given more time she would have settled down with them all as it was she was a bit submissive to start with, but eventually she was racing around with her big brother like they had never been apart. She didn’t get long enough with the grandmother and really there was no connection with her in terms of having met before. She had to take our word for it, unless these things are built in instinctively? Pictures of course at flickr

Food glorious food

Fine food was had every day, including chickpea summer salad, pizza(divine) Trout and Potatoes (Way to go J) , Black Sole and Haddock(?) ., Roast Lamb, there was the barbeque and a few great pasta dishes including our aubergine surprise. Frys and healthy fayre too. I really am enjoying my food these days, particularly when it is of the healthy variety.


Following my gruesome accident earlier in the year, almost fully recovered now, although still stiff for guitar playing, you’ll be pleased to here I finally climbed back on the horse so to speak and whittled my first Spoon. I have not included a photograph because, well because it is pretty crap actually. I blame the piece of wood being slightly too thin and not having a crook knife to properly carve out the actual spoon part. Anyway I’m now back on track with the whittling. Mental note to self “Remember to keep hand behind knife – NO exceptions”. I was bequithed some nice pieces of wood, thanks T, and hope to source some more from B&M, so hopefully there will eventually be some nice pieces to show off.

For all of you reading every eight letter and subtracting one on every third iteration, forget it, go make a cup of tea and relax there is no message, I was simply looking for an alternative for those not interested in my big 5 list and it was the first thing I thought of. So sorry I’ll not do it again, but didn’t you enjoy the post? ;)

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