Geotagging on Flickr

What is geotagging?

In laymans terms (what you mean you’re not laymen?) it basically means ‘tagging’ a photo or a blog entry or any entity really with a some meta data pertaining to its geographic location. Yes I know that wasn’t really laymans’ terms but sure you all claimed not to be laymen! Ok the simple version you can now let people know where you took your photos on Flickr by placing them on a map – waaoohh

Geotagging your Flickr photos then and now

Up until today it was possible ,with the aid of this helpful little bookmarklet (follow link and drag to your toolbar if you want to use it but read on first! you may need firefox for the bookmarklet) for example to add geotagging info to your Flickr photos and link to them on a google map.(note the google map is way better than any other for our little island, much more detail.

As of today Flickr have added this functionality to your Flickr using Yahoo maps, which makes sense seeing as Yahoo now own Flickr! The maps aren’t as detailed as googles effort but they still do the job nicely. The interface is fantastic and couldn’t be easier to use. Just go to your ‘organize’ tab where you will notice a new tab at the top called ‘Map’. Click it and off you go. you don’t need to be told how to do it, you can work it out for yourself, its all drag and drop and follow the prompts. You will probably start to notice on further inspection the mention of maps in a few other dropdown menus and tabs and places. Have Fun.


Try out zooomr which also does geotagging, in fact they got there first. They seem to be affiliated with google. They offer a wide range of features for both free and pro accounts. You can actually get a free pro account for a year by posting one of your photos on your blog. Find out how here

174973500_4dcf1b9866_o174973500_4dcf1b9866_o Hosted on Zooomr


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