Mon for the bookworms amongst you

I came upon this little gem a few days ago. Now those of you who know me may know I am not a bookworm but I am blessed with a sibling who is so i thought it would come in handy for him. Essentially it is an on-line cataloguing system allowing people to create there own library index of their book collections and access it from anywhere including a mobile phone or wireless laptop (good for the list freaks! M!) it also acts as a social bookmarking, sharing, recommending, reviewing tool. It has one of the simplest sign ups I have seen recently amongst the web 2.0 start-ups.(just pick username password and off you go) There is a three tier membership structure. FREE allowing up to 200 books a ‘1 YEAR’ membership for $10 or a ‘lifetime membership’ for $25. All sign up is simple with paypal

Is has an outstanding ‘buzz‘ page, and while I am the first to be cynical about these things it really does appear to be impressing alot of people, deservedly so I think. Adding a book to your collection is a breeze too, just browse Amazon or other librarys a quick click of the mouse button and hey presto the book is added to your ‘bookshelf’ I think the simplicity of the process will appeal to the not so experienced web users amongst us, like, say… the bookworms! It may also serve as a good teaching tool allowing them to benefit from other good social web apps like flickr, mag.nolia and could provide them with an introduction into the paradigm of tagging. There are a host of other things to learn about and experiment with (including groups), have a look for yourself.

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