Photojojo for the budding photographers

www.photojojo.com Marketed as “the best photo tips, DIY projects, and gear in the whole wide world” , perhaps a little hyperbole, but there is no harm sometimes in putting yourself up there. Does it live up to the claim, thats the important thing. Well lets put it this way, I would reccomend subscribing to their newsletter, then you can judge for yourselves. They publish a new article about once a week, and cover such topics as

  • Aging people using photoshop – “like any of us need that jeez”
  • How to create a daily photographic history – “We all [flickr faithful] do it just maybe not EVERY day”
  • How many pixels you need for good digital prints
  • How to take care of your digital camera battery and extend its life.
  • Eliminate Haze in your photos
  • Petography

These are but a few, but it gives a good flavour of what the site is all about. I think if even 10% of their ideas are good it will prove to be a useful resource. You can also grab their RSS feed if you are that way inclined.

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