Songbird, the new iTunes?

Songbird is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. It supports extensions and skins feathers. Like Firefox it is built from Mozilla cross-platform(Windows , OS X and Linux versions available) and open source. Definately worth trying this one out, particularly if you are into your music, a viable alternative to iTunes although not sure how it plays with iPods. I think there is an extension, can anyone verify? Have a wee watch at the screencast to get a good overview of what is on offer.

Anyway I haven’t yet decided to remove my aligience to Apples iTunes. From what I can see they are shaping up to become another Microsoft. I mean for goodness sake they are championing DRM. Whats that all about? For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about have a read at this lot DefectiveByDesign.org

So back to songbird. Well they really go to town with the metaphor as you have probably already noticed. It is a lovely piece of software. Functionally I can’t fault it. However I find the interface a little cluttered, it is always hard to beat Apple at interface design. It seems a bit cliquey with lots of links to “in” music site and unfortunately they have gone to town with the whole merchandising thing. I suppose they have to make there living somehow.

There is going to be a large community attached to this software just as there is for firefox, so I expect it will soon hit the media as an alternative to iTunes. If Apple moved away from DRM I think I would stay put with iTunes but until then I think I’m going to keep trying out Songbird with a view to swapping permantly. It brings the whole web to life musically speaking. Automatically identifying any playable media on a web page, and providing the user the ability to download it, listen to it, archive it, file it away for safe keeping, add it to a playlist and eventually no doubt the ability to burn it. All I have actually done is imported my iTunes library and listened to a few tunes with it, that and a brief whistlestop tour through the main features. This allows me the option to come back and write an update to this post with some useful imformation for my loyal readers ;(

I think on reflection as with all things I would prefer you to try it for yourself and make your own judgements. I merely want to draw your attention to it. My opinion is not particularly relevant to most people nor my experience of the software similar to everyone elses. We all use these things differently and have different perceptions of the various aspects of using software, so I’m going to leave it here safe in the knowledge that noone has read this far and steadfast in my determination to improve my writing style, structure, research and content of my blog posts.

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