Yahoo Time capsule

Well its a bandwagon so jump on it that’s what I say…

Sarcasm to one side for a moment, I like the idea it appeals to me and I think I will contribute. If you like the idea of playing with a website build with a fancy UI that takes a little getting used to and like the idea of something of yours, tangible or not shot into space them go check it our for yourself.

The Time Capsule sets out to collect a portrait of the world – a single global image composed of millions of individual contributions. The time capsule is defined not by the few items a curator decides to include, but by the items submitted by every human on earth who wishes to participate. It hopes to reach a truly global expression of life on earth – nuanced, diverse, beautiful and ugly, thrilling and terrifying, touching and rude, serious and absurd, frank, honest, human.

The Time Capsule itself is realized digitally so that the maximum number of people can have access. It is organized around ten themes, chosen to illuminate different corners of the human experience. The ten themes are: Love, Sorrow, Anger, Faith, Beauty, Fun, Past, Hope, Now, and You. Each theme harbors an open-ended question: What do you love? What makes you sad? What makes you angry? What do you believe in? What’ beautiful? What’ fun? What do you remember? What is your wish? Describe your world. Who are you? People respond to these questions in five simple ways – with words, pictures, videos, sounds, and drawings.

The last two paragraphs were not my words but rather stolen from the about page!

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