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librarything.com for the bookworms amongst you

I came upon this little gem a few days ago. Now those of you who know me may know I am not a bookworm but I am blessed with a sibling who is so i thought it would come in handy for him. Essentially it is an on-line cataloguing system allowing people to create there […]


Geotagging on Flickr

What is geotagging? In laymans terms (what you mean you’re not laymen?) it basically means ‘tagging’ a photo or a blog entry or any entity really with a some meta data pertaining to its geographic location. Yes I know that wasn’t really laymans’ terms but sure you all claimed not to be laymen! Ok the […]


Weekend Camping at Murlough Bay

New tent With the bank holiday upon us it was decided that despite the unfavourable weather forecast it was time to try out the new tent. So we loaded up the car with enough stuff to keep us going for days and set off to our destination to find a suitable camping site. On arrival […]


Gracie and me are going scuba diving!

I stumbled upon this today when signing up for www.dabble.com, a kind of organiser for all video, from youtube and blip.tv to name a few. So I thought I would share it with you all. I’ll be looking into getting one of these specially made for Gracie, Can’t wait! Go have a look for yourself […]


Holiday in Dingle July 2006

This years holiday can be broken into 5 simple categories, diving, walking, eating, meeting Gracies relations and whittling, so if any of those interest you read on, if not see if you can spot the cryptic message contained in the post. Diving at Skellig Michael and the Blaskets Well there where 2 main highlights from […]