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Global Energy Bank

Today is ‘Blog Action Day’ and everyone involved is writing a post about the environment. I want to keep my post brief and simply direct your attention to a website. These guys have a number of “divisions” for want of a better word, all of which seem to be extremely focused on making the world […]


16 reasons why blogs are good redux

I think it is important for me to clarify that it is the bloggers themselves who have the chance to be good and secondly in both these posts i am merely a conduit for the information/ideas , I take no credit for writing any of this. This list comes from here: http://blog.blogactionday.com/action/why-bloggers-will-change-the-world-and-how-you-can-help/ Freedom of speech. […]


16 reasons why blogs are good

Blog action day 2007 – 15th October Why are blogs good? Freedom of speech Power of the pen Reaching the public Raising awareness A global discussion The power of many The speed of change Interaction Instant news and opinions Coverups are uncovered Easier to research an issue Viral ideas Created a new world Government-influenced media […]


Open Source everything

Came across this article and I like this idea. It is well worth a read. Now what can we all do to make this happen, do we even want this to happen or is everything just rosie as it is…ummm I wonder. At the weekend , whilst enjoying a day out at Ballintoy, I was […]


Halliburton war profiteers

Far be from me to interfer in American politics or foreign policy, but this was too disgusting to ignore. So in an unprecedented move I veer away from web development, scuba diving and more personal ventures to draw attention to this banned excerpt from the video on war profiteering Republicans don’t want you to see….. […]