Oaxaca, Mexico February 2007

Well we’ve been home now forquite a few weeks and now with my blog well and truely ported over onto wordpress I will soon be ready to start posting again. I dare say most of you will have already deserted by now, but hopefully over the coming months there will be a resumption of regular posts.

For now I couldn’t resist cross posting from flickr and choose this photo taken in “Central de Abastos” on the last day of ur holiday. We were dandering around the city buying some last minute chocolate, mezcal and other goodies before our flight. We also took the opportunity to to do some photography, some of wich can be found in my flickr.

These likely lads had scoped me snapping away and in a way it seems only they copuld, indicated that theywould like me to take a photo of their stall. Global marketing?? I think not. Anyway I’m sure they never thought their mugshots would end up online. Say cheese boys!

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