Name this orchid

So far the suggestions have been, “Early Purple Orchid” and well thats been the only suggestion so far. I did think it was a spotted heath orchid but that turned out to be somewhat different and found at the other end of Rathlin Island.

Anyway I have not turned into a wild flower spotter, but these flowers made for some nice photos. Z, G and I all went on a camping trip to Rathlin last weekend. We braved the elements and slept in a tent through a force 7 gale as it was battered and shaken, coupled to which the tent was pitched on a slope…doh. mental note always remember to take the time to check the tent is on smooth level ground. the basics of camp management, camping 101, how foolish can you get?

In truth we were tired and the weather was starting to take a turn for the worse so we rushed and well paid the penalty. Anyway all was well the following morning and with some creaking bones we both enjoyed the finest eggs i have tasted in quiet some time, all cooked in a Trangia Stove, aghh the good old days. Then off we went on our 9 mile hike to Bull Point bird Sanctuary and back. We saw some puffins that had just arrived a few days before and had started making theoir burrows. I also saw, Razorbills, Kittywakes, Fulmars and Gillamots all nesting and a Raven chomping on a dead kittywake, oh the horrors of predation, ain’t mother nature a bitch!

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