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Global Energy Bank

Today is ‘Blog Action Day’ and everyone involved is writing a post about the environment. I want to keep my post brief and simply direct your attention to a website. These guys have a number of “divisions” for want of a better word, all of which seem to be extremely focused on making the world a better place, through direct action and not good intention.

In particular as we are concerned today with environmental issues, so I will specifically draw your attention to Global Energy Bank whose aim is To solve 3/4 of all world problems. Creating green energy banks around the world, providing fresh water and clean green energy to all by 2050, for FREE. Currently in discussions with our first government to provide 98% of all energy needs by 2012. An ambitous goal to be sure but I will be very interested to see how they get on.

White Orchid An Island project for girls rescued from the sex trade, currently concentrating in Asia. Building schools on Islands for rehabilitation and education. Eco-Friendly and also used as a reserve, in part for rescued animals, with breeding programmes. Reefs will be cultivated to create more breeding environments for marine life and flora & fauna will be cultivated.

Blood Rose An extraction/rescue team for girls rescued from the sex trade. Using ex-military personnel to; liaise, observe, rescue young captive girls and prevent acts of genocide.

Real Global Solutions Working with other organisations that are proactive. RGS will give solutions to any global problem, from ending world hunger to environmental concerns and solutions. More than a ‘Think Tank’ offering solutions and actively affecting this change to global problems.