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16 reasons why blogs are good

Blog action day 2007 – 15th October

Why are blogs good?

  • Freedom of speech
  • Power of the pen
  • Reaching the public
  • Raising awareness
  • A global discussion
  • The power of many
  • The speed of change
  • Interaction
  • Instant news and opinions
  • Coverups are uncovered
  • Easier to research an issue
  • Viral ideas
  • Created a new world
  • Government-influenced media bypassed
  • No central control
  • It gets you thinking

blogactiondayGet the low down here.. How can you help? Sign up to be a part of Blog Action Day, and join your voice with the rest of the blogging community for one day.

The initiative is a vehicle for change, a powerful concept: thousands of bloggers unite, for just one day, to talk about one issue. Will that change the world, just one day? Not immediately, but it in effect unites the blogging community. And once the community begins to unite, anything is possible.

I have stolen the copy above from the actual website, but it explains it well and it is late and I don’t feel in the mood to write.

Blogger James McGovern talked about how bloggers could change the world if they focused on others instead of themselves:

“If every blogger reading my blog instead of choosing to exercise their right to remain silent instead decided to spend just five minutes talking about poverty to one or two other individuals, poverty would be eliminated.”

I couldn’t agree more. Every once in a while I think all bloggers should use their blog to promote a good cause, so I’ve decided to jump on this bandwagon and see were it takes me, why not jump aboard!