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Google Reader takes the RSS crown

Up until now I have been using Sage an extension of firefox and thunderbird’s built in RSS functionality. My main frustration was having to add feeds to different RSS readers and while all allow for OPML import and export it still can be a pain keeping multiple readers in sync. I loved the idea that […]


Web 2.0 No excuses for the title

Part of the reason I posted this was to try and get some traffic. I make no apologies for this, heck I need to get this thing moving or I am destined to spend the year talking to myself! Never really though much of personality tests, but I must applaud the superb UI of personaldna […]


Measure Map problems

I’ve been experimenting with integrating Measuremap (which is excellent) into a custom built CMS which uses ASP(cringe). It has successfully recorded 3 out of 5 or now 6 posts but the other 2 fail to show up for some reason. All other reporting seems to be fine. From what I can deduce the code is […]