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Open Source everything

Came across this article and I like this idea. It is well worth a read. Now what can we all do to make this happen, do we even want this to happen or is everything just rosie as it is…ummm I wonder. At the weekend , whilst enjoying a day out at Ballintoy, I was […]


Oaxaca, Mexico February 2007

Well we’ve been home now forquite a few weeks and now with my blog well and truely ported over onto wordpress I will soon be ready to start posting again. I dare say most of you will have already deserted by now, but hopefully over the coming months there will be a resumption of regular […]


Mexican Weekend

I was lying on the sofa on Friday, beside me as usual the dogs lying there as they were with smelly breath and farting without a care in the world. I thought to myself, they fit right in here. The rest of the weekend was spent dog walking on the beach, by the river and […]


Peer pressure from my anonymous caller

Not usualy one to give in to peer pressure, this time I have decided to comply and make a wee quick post to fill anyone in who may be interested as to what has been going on recently. Z and I had a great valentine weekend culminating in a delicious meal at the Blackstone Restaurant, […]