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Happy New Year

Happy New Year one and all except you “spaming b****rds” in Latvia go pester someone else! To the rest of you, may all your endeavours be fruitful and the coming year bring you good health and happiness. Some nice photos of the Pup as promised and a few outings over the holiday season at my […]


Still some tweaks and beta testing to do

Well, at long last after months of toil, late nights not to mention the spaced out feeling you get in your head after sitting by the computer for hours at a time writing and looking at code, something resembling a blog is beginning to form. hooray! I will get some time tonight I hope to […]


New addition to the household

Well there are a few new things around here tonight. Today Gracie arrived. I’m sure over the holidays I’ll have plenty more to say about that , but for now suffice is to say she is adorable. The site hasn’t quite gone live yet and is still undergoing “rigorous” testing. Don’t you hate it when […]