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Geotag your flickr photos using a GPS

I had previously touched on this subject before , but since then I have had a bit more time to play with the idea. The following is what I have gleaned. There are many ways to geotag your photos, and many things you can do with them once you have added this meta-data. Which method […]


Photojojo for the budding photographers Marketed as “the best photo tips, DIY projects, and gear in the whole wide world” , perhaps a little hyperbole, but there is no harm sometimes in putting yourself up there. Does it live up to the claim, thats the important thing. Well lets put it this way, I would reccomend subscribing to their […]


Geotagging on Flickr

What is geotagging? In laymans terms (what you mean you’re not laymen?) it basically means ‘tagging’ a photo or a blog entry or any entity really with a some meta data pertaining to its geographic location. Yes I know that wasn’t really laymans’ terms but sure you all claimed not to be laymen! Ok the […]