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Google Reader takes the RSS crown

Up until now I have been using Sage an extension of firefox and thunderbird’s built in RSS functionality. My main frustration was having to add feeds to different RSS readers and while all allow for OPML import and export it still can be a pain keeping multiple readers in sync. I loved the idea that […]


Javascript Frameworks

What am I after Simplicity, easy to use and compact Platform/Browser compatibility Good documentation Extensive community – I need something with some longevity and plenty of resource driving it forward Readily available examples of implementations – again a large community helps Good range of plug-ins for day to day development requirements – remember why I […]


Songbird, the new iTunes?

Songbird is a desktop Web player, a digital jukebox and Web browser mash-up. It supports extensions and skins feathers. Like Firefox it is built from Mozilla cross-platform(Windows , OS X and Linux versions available) and open source. Definately worth trying this one out, particularly if you are into your music, a viable alternative to iTunes […]

Mon for the bookworms amongst you

I came upon this little gem a few days ago. Now those of you who know me may know I am not a bookworm but I am blessed with a sibling who is so i thought it would come in handy for him. Essentially it is an on-line cataloguing system allowing people to create there […]


Minimo 0.15 Mobile device browsing catching up

I was thrilled today to discover that after many months of patiently waiting I can at last have a reasonable browsing experience on my PDA (iPAQ). While I have not looked at versions 0.11 through to 0.14, the release of version 0.15 sees some fantastic improvements to earlier versions. As the version number indicates it […]