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Holiday in Dingle July 2006

This years holiday can be broken into 5 simple categories, diving, walking, eating, meeting Gracies relations and whittling, so if any of those interest you read on, if not see if you can spot the cryptic message contained in the post. Diving at Skellig Michael and the Blaskets Well there where 2 main highlights from […]


Mexican Weekend

I was lying on the sofa on Friday, beside me as usual the dogs lying there as they were with smelly breath and farting without a care in the world. I thought to myself, they fit right in here. The rest of the weekend was spent dog walking on the beach, by the river and […]


Peer pressure from my anonymous caller

Not usualy one to give in to peer pressure, this time I have decided to comply and make a wee quick post to fill anyone in who may be interested as to what has been going on recently. Z and I had a great valentine weekend culminating in a delicious meal at the Blackstone Restaurant, […]