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A list apart web design survey

For some reason hardly any data exsists about the web design industry.Despite the fact that the industry is maturing with some 12 years under our belts almost no statistical information has been documented. Well now the good folk at A List Apart have set about trying to change that, and the result is the Web […]


Minimo 0.15 Mobile device browsing catching up

I was thrilled today to discover that after many months of patiently waiting I can at last have a reasonable browsing experience on my PDA (iPAQ). While I have not looked at versions 0.11 through to 0.14, the release of version 0.15 sees some fantastic improvements to earlier versions. As the version number indicates it […]


My first redesign, the thinking behind it.

So what has changed and why? A lot of my day is spent preaching about the virtue of building websites based around objectives and with users and their tasks in mind. So I thought it was about time I started to practice what I preach. My first stop was to check my site statistics and […]


Web 2.0 No excuses for the title

Part of the reason I posted this was to try and get some traffic. I make no apologies for this, heck I need to get this thing moving or I am destined to spend the year talking to myself! Never really though much of personality tests, but I must applaud the superb UI of personaldna […]


Updated Web Developer Extension for Firefox

A ‘version 1’ release of every developers tried and trusted friend, Chris has really excelled himself with this upgrade. GET IT NOW, hit that ‘more extensions’ button. Improvements Better and more intuative organisation of features. Reimplementation of online and offline validation tools. Improvements to and more variety of outline capabilities. Miscellenous Goodies, including small screen […]