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Google Reader takes the RSS crown

Up until now I have been using Sage an extension of firefox and thunderbird’s built in RSS functionality. My main frustration was having to add feeds to different RSS readers and while all allow for OPML import and export it still can be a pain keeping multiple readers in sync. I loved the idea that […]


Javascript Frameworks

What am I after Simplicity, easy to use and compact Platform/Browser compatibility Good documentation Extensive community – I need something with some longevity and plenty of resource driving it forward Readily available examples of implementations – again a large community helps Good range of plug-ins for day to day development requirements – remember why I […]


Minimo 0.15 Mobile device browsing catching up

I was thrilled today to discover that after many months of patiently waiting I can at last have a reasonable browsing experience on my PDA (iPAQ). While I have not looked at versions 0.11 through to 0.14, the release of version 0.15 sees some fantastic improvements to earlier versions. As the version number indicates it […]


My first redesign, the thinking behind it.

So what has changed and why? A lot of my day is spent preaching about the virtue of building websites based around objectives and with users and their tasks in mind. So I thought it was about time I started to practice what I preach. My first stop was to check my site statistics and […]


“Dave, I want to blog recipes” – Social Web Apps

Dave, I want to blog recipes Oh what to do, what advise to give, with great knowledge comes great responsibility. There are options here. Professional, Free, hosted blogs being the most obvious, maybe not quite what you need. besides it will compete with my old bespoke CMS based blog app that you have used for […]